Commercial Water Tank Lining

When it comes to commercial water tank lining, we ensure that we use the latest materials, which include flexible polypropylene. What this offers is increased resistance to ageing which means that it lasts.

As the joints are heat welded instead of using solvent, it means that the material becomes more durable and resistant to chemicals.

This ensures that the products that we use are suitable for use in commercial water tanks.


Commercial Water Tank Lining Using Polypropylene

Our service is fast and efficient as our water tank liners are manufactured before we begin working on site. This enables us to undertake installation efficiently, with us being able to line water tanks of up to 6,000 litres in around four hours.

For tanks that are larger, we usually take around a day to complete the job. What this means is that we can complete most jobs within one day and they can be completed during standard working hours.

Along with this, it helps to reduce disruption too.

commercial water tank lining
commercial water tank linings
We also have the scope to install our tank liners in one piece tanks and multi-sectional tanks. The benefits of using our system are?

Quick Installation - We can cover up to medium sized tanks in around six hours


Solves Leaking Tanks - Using our system, we can use our lining to enhance watertightness


Solvent Free - Rapid installation is achieved as there are no solvents or cure time required.


Long guarantee - All of services come with long guarantees, ensuring you have complete peace of mind


Hot Air Welded Joints - As all joints are hot air welded, it means that there is no cure time


Smooth finish - Cleaning is simple as we ensure a smooth finish and this also makes inspections easier.


Compliant - The material is DWI and WRC compliant which means that it can be used with potable water.

EPDM Commercial Water Tank LiningS

When we are refurbishing or relining sprinkler storage tanks, we will use our EPDM commercial water tank liners. These are commonly made in two sections and that begins with the installations starting with the wall drapes. Once this has been done, the liner base can be installed.

We then RF Weld the lining base to the lining shell and then reconnect all the relevant fittings. We use this method because of the size of the application as an average sprinkler water tank will have a capacity of up to 800,000 litres.

Commercial Water Tanks
Sprinkler Tank Relining

Whether you have a water tank that is damaged and requires relining or you have acquired a new tank that requires lining, we can take care of it all. Our team is fully qualified and certified, which means that they understand all aspects of commercial water tank liners.

If you have noticed that your water tanks have an issue with corrosion or erosion, then it pays to have them lined professionally. We can help to bring your water tank back to life by carrying out our reliable and reputable service.

We have many years of experience and our team is committed to ensuring they deliver a complete service from start to finish.

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