Acid Tank Lining

When it comes to acid tank lining, we have worked on a range of projects including electroplating plants and chemical cleaning plants. When you choose this service, we will undertake all necessary precautions and carry out a complete survey prior to carrying out the work. This will allow us to identify the issue and select the right solution to fit your needs.


Enhanced protection with Acid Tank Linings

We undertake the process of draining your tanks before installing polypropylene lining. When concentrated acids are stored in stainless steel tanks, over time, they will attack the stainless steel.

Furthermore, when heat is added, it will mean that the lifespan of acid tanks is severely reduced and this is something that electroplating companies will do.

So, if you want to overcome the issue of corrosion and want to help your tank stand the test of time, you should choose to have our lining systems installed.

While we can install one of our available systems, we can also install insulation that is placed behind the lining. This can help to reduce the amount you spend on energy while a rigid shell is installed on top of the lining as a way of enhancing protection.

Acid Tank Lining

The Procedure for Acid Tank Lining

If you suspect or have noticed an issue with your tank, then it’s really important to get in touch with us. Any corrosion can lead to a significant problem such as a leak and that in turn could lead to damage to the environment.

So, we use a flexible lining that helps to create a barrier between the surface of the existing acid tank and the liquid itself. In some projects, we have installed a solid polypropylene protective shell. The shell is designed to offer a level of protection for the flexible lining, ensuring it is not damaged from products that are not secured correctly or are dropped.

Furthermore, while our acid tank linings have a certain lifespan, when they do come to the end of their life, we can simply replace the old lining with a new acid tank lining, renewing your tank completely while they ensure your tanks remain safe.

The installation is efficient too, which means that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Damaged tanks are designed to handle temperatures of around 60 degrees but with corrosive chemicals added, it can lead to contamination should an issue occur with your tank.

Using our flexible polypropylene lining, you will benefit from a high level of resistance to acids and alkalis. This can help to protect the surface of the tank and prevent water pollution and the risks associated with this.

With every job that we undertake, we will carry out a complete survey. This enables us to carry out all acid tank repairs and install your lining with precision and efficiency.

As highly-skilled professionals, we are confident that we can help your tank to stand the test of time while remaining safe and cost-effective.

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