Sprinkler Tank installation

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to sprinkler tank installation. We have the ability to offer a range of solutions that are designed to fit your needs and including one-piece GRP tanks through to large sectional tanks.

As part of our installation service, we also offer a range of tanks designed using a variety of materials.

This means that we can offer glass coated steel tanks, galvanised steel, epoxy coated steel, stainless steel and concrete tanks.

When it comes to tank installation, we are confident that we offer a service that’s fit for your needs.


A Complete Sprinkler Tank installation Service

Due to the damage that fire can cause, fire protection systems and all components must adhere to strict regulations that are outlined in LPS1276.

Sprinkler systems will only work effectively if they are designed, installed and maintained correctly.

Following the LPS1048-1 scheme, all installers must have the ability to design, install and service sprinkler systems to ensure that they meet all installation standards.

Sprinkler Tank installation
Sprinkler Tank installation

 Capacities for all Applications

There are a range of factors that will determine the water capacity and these factors are applicable to individual applications. Therefore, they are determined by the following:


Hazard Classifications - Often, the greater the hazard the larger volume of water is needed


The duration of water supply


Capability to refill from mains - the limits associated with refilling are outlined in BS EN12845, BS 9251


Full holding or reduced capacity - a reduction in capacity might be allowed should the main refill capabilities be able to make up the difference within a set time


Wet or dry pipe systems

Our Tank installation Service

We have experienced installation experts and a team that is dedicated to design.

We also offer an impressive range of tanks and that ensures that you receive a first-class service and high-quality products.

We have completed a vast array of tank installation projects for many different clients and needs, proving that we have the scope to deliver an adaptable service.

We believe in operating to the highest standards and we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading products.

We have technical experts who can carry out an assessment of your property and your needs while we can also offer our advice and guidance. This ensures that you choose a sprinkler tank that fits your specific needs.

Sprinkler Tank Installers
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