Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection

When it comes to fire fighting, Sprinkler Tanks play an integral role and they need to be ready to provide the required water when an emergency arises.

However, in order for them to work effectively, they need to be maintained correctly and that involves regular inspections as this ensures any issues are detected, helping to avoid the failure of your sprinkler tank.

In general, it is recommended that an Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection takes place every ten years.


Why drain, when you can carry out an Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection?

We understand the risks that come with draining your tank and we appreciate that some clients might not want their tank drained and that’s why we provide Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection services.

We use specialist underwater equipment as well as ultrasound to carry out the inspection without the need to drain your tank.

This ensures that your sprinkler system remains in use. Furthermore, this option also helps to reduce water waste and the costs associated with re-commissioning a sprinkler tank.

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Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection

An Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection Service For A Range of Tanks

We have the expertise and experience to undertake Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection surveys on a range of water tanks.

Whether it is above ground or below ground, or welded or bolted, our inspection experts can complete a detailed inspection that will detect any issues and then provide the solutions that will ensure your tank meets all regulations.

As part of our inspection, we cover the following:


Complete analysis of the entire tank, including panels and walls


We review the roof and all supports


We check all inlet valves, contents gauges and immersion heater elements


Access routes which includes ladders


All pipe connection points

Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection services completed using the Latest Equipment

Our service is designed to be simple and efficient. We will survey all elements and sections of the tank using high definition equipment. This will provide us with a visual inspection of the tank, enabling us to see any issues.

To further enhance our service, we also use ultrasound technology. This enables us to detect problems that traditional methods might not spot. Our advanced equipment is highly accurate, delivering results with precision.

Commonly, it is used to locate instances of corrosion and potential weak spots. It gives us an indication of the health of your tank and from this, we can make informed decisions on any repair work that might be required.

Sprinkler Tank ROV Report
Sprinkler Tank Inspection Report

Full Underwater Sprinkler Tank Inspection Reporting

We believe in providing as much information as possible and our professional service ensures that we take care of this. After every inspection, we provide all relevant supporting evidence which includes ultrasound results and photography.

We also provide a written report that will give you an insight into the condition of the tank and we clearly state any recommendations and take care of highlighting any potential issues that require rapid action.

Using our reports, you can use the information to support any maintenance strategies that you might have as this ensures that your sprinkler tank is safe and fit for purpose.

We are confident that our Underwater Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection service is designed to achieve the right results. We invest in the best equipment and with our expertise and team of specialists, we believe that we will help you maintain a safe and reliable sprinkler water tank.

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