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Welcome to Nationwide Water Solutions LTD, the UK specialists for water tank repairs, tank relining, tank replacement and more across the UK. If you’re looking for a water tank professional to deliver a fast, reliable and cost-effective service to sort out your commercial tank you’re in the right place. From water tank cleaning to installations, our experienced professionals have the expertise to do the job right. Let’s get your tank restored to shipshape condition, so you can get back to operating your business.

Water Tank Repair, Water Tank Refurbishment
Nationwide Water Solutions, Water Tank Repair, Water Tank Relining

Complete Water Tank Repair and Refurbishment Solutions

With our range of services, we are confident that we can help you meet all legal requirements and regulations. We are on hand to provide you with a reliable and professional service that covers everything from cleaning to refurbishment and water tank replacement. We strive to offer a complete service that enables our clients to benefit from our first-class service.

Water Tank, Water Tanks, Water Tank Repair, Water Tank Refurbishment

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Our Services

Water Tank cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

We offer a thorough water tank cleaning service that can help to keep your tanks safe and your water clean.


Our cleaning service covers all aspects of tank cleaning which involve a range of equipment and methods to deliver impressive results. We also offer water mains chlorination too, and this is suitable for a range of sectors such as hospitals and healthcare as well as schools and universities. Our cleaning engineers are highly skilled and trained to deliver a thorough cleaning service that you can rely on.

Professional Water Tank Repair & refurbishment

Professional Water Tank Repair & Refurbishment

Water tanks can suffer from damage and wear and tear and that means that you can put your trust in our repair services.

We have the scope to work with a range of tanks such as cold water tanks and sprinkler tanks, carrying out all refurbishment work to a high standard. We adopt a flexible approach and implement effective solutions such as polypropylene lining systems and epoxy resin coating systems. This ensures that we can make your tanks watertight and safe. This service is ideal for tanks that have not reached a state of disrepair and can help you save money while minimising disruption.
Water Tank Replacement

We Take Care of Water Tank Replacement

There are times when old water tanks require replacing as repairs are no longer feasible.

What we offer is a complete service that takes care of the entire replacement process. We provide tanks with a range of capacities and are manufactured using a range of materials such as fibreglass or polyester resin, all of which are ideal for storing potable water and other liquids. We plan, prepare and execute the process with precision, ensuring we undertake surveys to determine the safety of the installation area. Our engineers have the ability to install tanks in plant rooms, loft spaces and spaces that have a lack of access.
Water Tank Linings

Tank Linings That Meet Your Requirements

Our tank lining solutions are designed to enhance the lifespan of your water tank.

We have solutions for underground tanks, industrial and process tanks, chemical and acid tanks while we also offer epoxy tank coatings and linings. Our methods are designed to offer durability as well as chemical resistance, helping your tank last longer. With our experts at hand, they can install our tank linings with accuracy and efficiency. We have the scope to install our lining systems in around 8 hours on tanks with a capacity of up to 10,000 litres. We believe in solving problems in a cost-effective way and that’s why we make sure that our tank lining solutions are always something that we consider. Our ability to identify the latest methods and solutions ensures that we lead from the front and that means that you can put your trust in us. It’s about delivering a complete service that helps you to save money and find a solution that suits your specific needs. We carry out all necessary surrey works to ensure that we use the right solution and our linings also come with our guarantee.
Water Tank Surveys

Water Tank Surveys and Reporting

We take pride in the fact that we offer comprehensive tank surveys that are undertaken by our highly skilled and capable engineers.

It’s vital that your water tank remains safe and adheres to strict regulations and that’s the reason why regular inspections are important. Our experts use the latest equipment such as high-definition underwater cameras and ultrasound equipment to complete our surveys. We inspect your system to identify any issues while ensuring that your tank is up to standard. We then provide a detailed report on your water tank and system, ensuring that you are confident in the condition of your tank while being informed of any remedial work required. All of this is complete to ensure that you are aware of any weaknesses or potential problems while it will also provide insurers with the documentation they require.
Water Tank Lids and Covers

Water Tank Lids and Covers

If your water tank lid or cover is in need of replacement then we are on hand to take care of your needs.

Through the cleaning of water tanks, it is common to cause damage to water tank lids as they can become brittle. Therefore, we have a lid and cover replacement service that you can rely on. Our solutions are designed using the latest materials and that ensures that you benefit from a far superior product. They offer enhanced impact resistance, improved durability and they are fully insulated. With our expertise, we have the ability to replace your lid or cover with efficiency while helping to keep disruption to a minimum.
Water Tank Repair, Water Tank Refurbishment

Why choose us?

At Nationwide Water Solutions Ltd, we consider ourselves leaders when it comes to taking care of your tanks. We are a team of experts who are committed to delivering high standards across our range of services. Whether you are looking for a complete water tank replacement, repair work or lining and insulation, we believe that we are the solution you have been looking for.

We place a focus on providing products and services that ensure your tanks meet all regulatory requirements. Furthermore, we adopt a flexible approach that enables us to work across a range of sectors including public buildings, hospitals, schools and care homes.

Whether it’s a water storage tank, a sprinkler tank or a chemical tank, we understand the exact needs because we are leading UK experts. Our goal is to maintain our high standards and exceptional workmanship while finding bespoke solutions that deliver impressive results.

So, if you need a new tank, repairs or you require a survey, you will find that we have a service that captures it all. For more information about our range of services, get in touch and speak with one of our experts today.

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Water Tank Repair, Water Tank Refurbishment