Sectional GRP Tank Installation


Sectional GRP Tank Installation experts

When it comes to Sectional GRP Tank Installation, we rely on our expertise and experience to undertake a wide range of jobs and complete them to high standards.

We have worked on a wide range of projects throughout the UK and the entire process is managed in-house by our teams.

By using our own staff, we can maintain our standards and manage the project with precision, ensuring we can remove and build new sectional GRP tanks and install them with ease.

Our engineers have the ability to undertake the removal, installation and manage all new pipework installation work.

Sectional Water Tank Installation
Sectional Water Tank Installation

What does Sectional GRP Tank Installation involve?

We take a methodical approach to every project that we undertake and that’s why we offer one of the best Sectional GRP Tank Installation services around.

In many cases, we have to remove existing tanks that suffer from leaks and corrosion. To achieve this, we use spark-free cutting equipment to remove existing steel tanks into sections that can be easily removed off-site. Using this method allows us to reduce the risk of fire and removes the need for hot work.

During this process, we might also find that existing tank bases are no longer suitable due to damage, so we can undertake the necessary work to ensure the base is up to standard.

We can also install a water tank mains bypass or a temporary tank during our installation work, to ensure that you still have access to a water supply. In many cases, we can remove one half of a tank, keeping the other half remaining for your supply.

The complete Sectional GRP Tank Installation process

Our tank bases can be made from heavy-duty box sections by our highly skilled fabrication team. This will then be assembled and then installed on top of the existing tank support pillars. The new base is levelled using shims and marine plywood is used to complete the base.

Our in-house engineers will take care of the manufacturing of sectional water tanks, ensuring they meet all specifications.

They are then constructed once the tank base has been constructed. Once the build has been completed all tank section fasteners will be given an initial tightening. This is done using a certain torque setting.

We then work to install all pipework connections as well as accessories which can include the likes of internal and external ladders or guard rails.

We then plumb in sectional tank pipe fittings to the existing pipework before giving all tank section fasteners another tighten 24 hours prior to filling the tank.

Finally, to complete the process, we will undertake a full tank and pipework chlorination.

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Why use Nationwide Water Solutions Ltd?

We offer our service across a range of environments, ensuring we can complete a Sectional GRP Tank Installation for a range of clients.

From rooftops to plant rooms and external areas, our engineers are experienced in undertaking the installation of a range of UK tank manufacturer products.

We aim to offer a full turnkey solution which includes the removal of old cold water storage tanks and the construction of new sectional cold water tanks. Our service also ensures that all mechanical works are completed professionally

As part of the service, you can access the following:


50mm Encapsulated Insulation


Hot Pressed GRP


Stainless Steel Fixings


Screened Overflow


Screened Air Vent


Access Hatch

We can offer a free site survey to determine what is required for the removal of your existing tank and the installation of our sectional GRP tanks.

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