Sprinkler Tank Roof Repair and Replacement

We provide a detailed and professional service when it comes to undertaking Sprinkler Tank Roof Repair and Replacement. It’s common for sprinkler tank roofs to require repair or replacement and that’s where we can help.

As sprinkler tanks are designed in a specific way, it means that roof purlins can often be submerged partially in the water and this can cause structural roof problems. Through our ROV survey, we can often discover these issues but we can often solve the problems as part of our sprinkler tank refurbishment service.


A Complete Sprinkler Tank Roof Repair and Replacement service

Whether you require complete Sprinkler Tank Roof Repair and Replacement or you need the existing roof purlins replacing, we can take care of it.

We can identify the problem and look for a suitable solution where possible, as a repair can help to save on the cost of complete replacement. Our expert will carry out all assessments to determine the condition and then take the necessary action.

Furthermore, we can also convert tanks so that they have an EPDM lining system instead of a mastic sealed design.

Tank roofs can commonly suffer from corrosion and damage, especially the roof support purlins. Our experts can carry out this work from the underside of the roof without the need to remove the entire structure.

If a tank roof has collapsed then we can handle the complete removal process and replace it with a new roof that meets all existing standards.

All of our workmanship is of excellent quality and we ensure that your tank roof will offer an enhanced level of durability and stand the test of time.

Sprinkler Tank Roof Repair and Replacement
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