Water Tank Insulation and Lagging

If you are looking to save money and energy, then you should recognise the importance of good Water Tank Insulation and Lagging.

Insulation can be used in many ways as this can stop heat from reaching the tank which can lead to the growth of algae. This will ensure that cold water systems can remain cold while it can also help to overcome the problem of freezing when the temperature drops to freezing point.


A Complete Water Tank Insulation and Lagging Service

However, what might be more important to recognise is that tank insulation is also a requirement that forms part of water by-laws and it is part of legionella risk assessments.

During the summer months when we can experience prolonged spells of hot temperatures, tank and pipe insulation can prevent the temperature from rising to the point where it becomes the perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and legionella.

Along with our range of tanks and lids, we also offer a range of pipe insulation solutions too. You can also access other products that can include the likes of silver foil tape, stick pins and glue.

It’s possible for us to supply insulation on the roll, in bags or in slab form to fill any insulation voids. We also believe in offering you a choice and that’s why our insulation is also available in a range of materials, enabling you to find a solution that fits your specific needs.

Therefore, you can choose from rock wool, glass wool, duct wrap, fibreboard, cork, polystyrene, neoflam and king-span.

Water Tank Insulation
Water Tank Lagging

Water Tank Insulation and Lagging details

Our tank lining system is made using polypropylene and this enables us to install tank insulation behind the lining.

Polystyrene is also used and this enables us to enhance efficiency and makes the system more cost-effective while it also ensures that the insulation does not get damaged.

We also provide additional products and this includes tables, saw, knives, tape measures and levels to accompany the job.

We have a vast amount of experience in supplying all kinds of insulation that are used with cold water storage tanks such as the one-piece galvanised tank or multi-sectional tanks.

Commonly, we will use a three coat epoxy system along with external lagging and this is highly effective at preventing the temperature of the water from falling below freezing point.

Materials We Use In Water Tank Insulation and lagging


Duct Wrap


Foil Backed Slabs


Foil Backed Glass Wool




Foil Backed Rock Wool



If you are looking for clarity on your insulation needs, then talking with us can help. We are on hand to discuss the details in depth and to provide useful advice where required.
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