Water Tank Lids and Covers

Many water lid manufacturers will manufacture their Water Tank Lids and Covers using GRP which is fibreglass but this material is not always suitable for the job.

This is down to the fact that problems can arise with delamination while it can become brittle after certain periods of time. What this can lead to is problems with cracks and damage.

What this means is that you then have to spend money and time finding a replacement, all of which is completely unnecessary.


Bespoke Water Tank Lids & Covers

To help overcome these problems, we offer tank lids and covers that are made using a different material that can help to avoid these issues.

We provide lids and covers that are made using a material known as Rigid Polypropylene and this material is considered to be unbreakable and is known to be able to resist impacts too.

Furthermore, we make sure that the water covers we provide comply with health and safety regulations. They are provided with seals, a lid breather and all fixings.

To help offer better thermal insulation efficiencies, we also make sure that our tank covers are internally insulated too.

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Water Tank Lids
Water Tank Covers

Whatever size or style of tank you might have, we can manufacture Tank Covers to fit your specific needs. We have the scope to manufacture them in different sections to ensure that they fit specific requirements such as those environments where access to tanks is limited.

All of the Lids and Covers that we provide will come with jointing strips, a lid seal, stainless steel fixings, air vent and self-tapping screws. What’s more, we also supply our Water Tank Lids and Covers with 25mm encapsulated insulation that helps to enhance the thermal efficiency of your tank.

The process of manufacturing Water Tank Lids and Covers is a process that we can manage on-site and we achieve this by using a hot air welding method.

This ensures that our Water Tank Covers come with the highest level of durability. Using this method, it helps to enhance both strength and durability and it helps to remove the need for use of glues and solvents.

Specification of Our Tank Covers


Manufactured using Rigid Polypropylene




Insulation with a thickness of 25mm


Screened breather


Stainless steel fixings


Access hatch

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