Fibreglass Water Storage Tanks

We operate across a range of settings and nationwide when it comes to offering fibreglass water storage tanks. We make sure that you can access a choice of fibreglass water tanks, enabling you to find a solution that fits your specific needs.

We have one, two and three-piece fibreglass water storage tanks, all of which can be installed at your property or premises by our fully qualified and skilled engineers.

Our tanks provide an effective solution for both low and high capacity needs and they are suitable for installation in areas that are confined and have restricted access.

Our GRP sectional tanks are durable and versatile and we have the scope to manufacture them in bespoke dimensions, ensuring that they overcome the challenges and restrictions that pose a challenge. Furthermore, we also offer a range of additional products that accompany the installation of your storage tanks.


Adaptable fibreglass water storage tanks

Suitable for a range of liquids and chemicals, our fibreglass water storage tanks are designed using polyester resins. This ensures that your liquids or chemicals are stored safely and securely. We opt to use this material because it provides a high level of acid resistance and resistance to caustic chemicals too.

They are also resistant to high temperatures and aerobic and galvanic corrosion, along with many other chemical compounds. Additionally, it is also possible to use our fibreglass water tanks to store petrochemical liquids too.

The most popular choices are the one-piece GRP tanks and we regularly supply these to the domestic and commercial sectors.

They are ideal for use where you need to store specific volumes of liquids or chemicals as the one-piece tank can store anything from 43 litres to 24,000 litres. They are the ideal choice for those projects where access around the location of the tank is good.

sectional fibreglass tank
Fibreglass Water Storage Tanks

Sectional fibreglass water storage tanks

Our two-piece fibreglass tanks are the perfect choice for those projects where access can be challenging yet a one-piece tank is not fit for purpose.

What’s more, we have a wide range of fibreglass water storage tanks as they can hold large volumes of water, ranging from 910 litres up to 5,690 litres. However, we can manufacture our two-piece fibreglass water storage tanks to fit your specific needs.

We also have three-piece fibreglass water storage tanks that are ideal for areas where access is restricted yet a two-piece tank is not suitable. Both the two-piece and three-piece tanks are easy to construct and they offer an effective solution that is ideal for storing large volumes of liquid.

fibreglass water storage tank Details

All of our sectional fibreglass water storage tanks are perfect for confined areas and all panels are hot press moulded as this helps to enhance quality and strength while they also come with encapsulated insulation.

All of our tanks come with lid breathers, fixings and seals.

We also provide nationwide tank surveys to help you identify the right solution for your specific needs.

GRP Fibreglass Water Tanks

The Types of Fibreglass Water Storage Tanks and Their Uses

Whatever your needs might be, we are confident that we have loft tanks to suit all requirements. Therefore, we offer fibreglass water storage tanks that have capacities that range from 43 litres right up to 15,000 litres.

Prior to manufacturing the tanks, the tank connection areas can be specified beforehand. This makes it possible to work with areas that are un-insulated, making it simple to complete the installation job. However, we can provide one piece GRP tanks that are uninsulated should they be required.

In many cases, during the installation in loft areas, clients request us to install additional supports as part of the installation process. As a result, we make sure that we carry out all necessary survey work that enables our engineers to install adequate support. This will be completed prior to the installation.


One Piece Tanks

These are suitable for locations that have good access while they can also store large volumes of liquids.


Two Piece Tanks

These are suitable for locations where access is limited and are ideal for medium volumes of liquid storage.


Three Piece Tanks

These are suitable for locations that have poor access while they can store medium volumes of liquids.


Section Tanks

These are suitable for locations that have good and poor access and they can store high volumes of liquids.

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