Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings

Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings can become damaged and worn over time and that could mean that you might be looking at costly repairs or even a replacement but that doesn’t have to be the case.

We offer Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings services that can seal and protect damaged or aged storage tanks. If an underground tank or reservoir is not managed in the right way when damage occurs then it could result in perforation and leaks.


Efficient and cost-effective Underground Tank and Reservoir Lining solutions

In many instances, Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings are required due to damage that occurs through ground movement although it is often needed on ageing reservoirs too.

Many water tanks are designed with brick and are then fitted with a waterproof concrete render but over time, this render can fail and eventually break away and end up at the bottom of the tank. This causes the quality of water to reduce while it will also lead to water loss too.

In some instances, this can also cause a large change in the quality of water as groundwater can work its way into the tank and that can lead to bacteria forming from cattle and issues with pesticides too.

Therefore, our service involves installing a polypropylene lining system that helps to deal with this problem in an efficient and cost-effective way. The lining works to create a barrier between the tank and the ground around it, helping to keep water safe while enhancing the life of the tank.

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Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings
Underground Tank Lining

The benefits of Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings

We have completed a wide range of Underground Tank and Reservoir Linings projects where we have helped to solve the problem of stored water draining into the ground, eventually reducing supplies.

With our solution, the lining is used to ensure that the contents of the tank remain contained within it without any leakage.

This solution uses the existing structure as support and the installation is then completed quickly and efficiently, often taking around six hours for tanks that store up to around 20,000 litres.

The lining material that we use is safe and fit for its purpose which means that it meets all standards and is approved for use with potable water. We then use a thermal hot air welding method on our linings which means that there is no cure time and that helps to speed up the installation process.

Underground storage tanks are used for a range of purposes and in particular, they are used for fire protection. Therefore, it makes sense to have these tanks lined as leaks can be difficult to detect but a lack of detection could mean that the required volume of water is not available should it be required.

Whether it’s ground movement or ageing, our tank lining comes with a ten-year guarantee and that means that you can put your trust in our service.

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