Low Level Sprinkler Tank Access Hatches

When it comes to gaining access to sprinkler tanks, our low level sprinkler tank access hatches are designed to make access simple and safe.

Access is crucial, especially when it comes to carrying out checks and maintenance on your tank.

As part of our service, our engineers will undertake the work and will utilise the right equipment and safety procedures to cut a 600mm access into a pre-specified lower tank panel.

After we have finished all sprinkler tank refurbishment works, we then install our low level hatches around the 600mm access.

We have the scope and expertise to install new low level access hatches to every refurbishment project that we complete.


low level sprinkler tank access hatches install service

The aim of low level access hatches is to ensure that the tank can be entered safely following gas testing, it also makes access easier.

Using our expertise, we make sure that all of our sprinkler tank access hatches are manufactured in a way to fit the curvature of the tank panels on certain sized tanks.

They are made from a galvanised material as this will help to prevent any potential corrosion in the future. Furthermore, we also install a lifting handle to ensure that the access point can be opened safely and easily.

If you have an existing sprinkler tank then we can also install low level sprinkler tank access hatches to your tank. All we require is the circumference measurement and then we can manufacture housing that is a perfect fit.

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low level sprinkler tank access hatch
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