One Piece GRP Tank Installation

If you are in need of a water tank but find that space could be an issue, we are confident that our one, two and three section loft water tanks are going to provide an effective solution.

We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to One Piece GRP tank installation and removal which means that our engineers have the ability to work in confined areas where access is restricted.

We use equipment that is spark-free and this also helps to deliver a safe and efficient service when it comes to removing tanks.


One Piece GRP Tank Installation Services

We offer One Piece GRP Tanks that are available in a range of options which includes the one, two and three sections.

This means that we have the scope to install One Piece GRP Tanks that have enhanced capacities and that makes it ideal for use in areas that have restricted access or are confined. All of the work is undertaken by ourselves and that ensures you receive a first-class service without the need to use sub-contractors.

While these types of tanks are suitable for a wide range of settings, we commonly install them in care homes, small hotels, commercial properties and nursing homes.

All of these locations have a lack of roof space and this is why our loft tanks provide a feasible solution that delivers impressive results.

One Piece GRP Tank Installation
One Piece GRP Tank

Why use our One Piece GRP Tank Installation services?

We have worked on a range of projects and this includes the likes of residential blocks whereby we have had to dismantle and remove existing tanks before replacing them with our One Piece GRP Tanks.

We can undertake a wide range of works which also include building new timber frames that are clad with UPVC.

Essentially, we have the ability to meet your specific needs because we understand the importance of installing the right water tanks for you and how crucial it is to ensure that the installation is carried out safely by taking care of all preparatory work.

One Piece GRP Tank Installation

What Capacities Are Available?

Whatever your needs might be, we are confident that we have loft tanks to suit all requirements. Therefore, we offer tanks that have capacities that range from 43 litres right up to 15,000 litres.

Prior to manufacturing the tanks, the tank connection areas can be specified beforehand. This makes it possible to work with areas that are un-insulated, making it simple to complete the installation job.

However, we can provide One Piece GRP Tanks that are uninsulated should they be required.

In many cases, during the installation in loft areas, clients request us to install additional supports as part of the installation process.

As a result, we make sure that we carry out all necessary survey work that enables our engineers to install adequate support. This will be completed prior to the installation.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a range of tanks and that enables you to find a solution that works for your property and your needs. Therefore, you can take advantage of the following options:


One section tanks


Two section tanks


Three section tanks


Sectional tanks