When Would You Need a Potable Water Tank?

Published on January 11, 2023

From commercial properties to residential properties, potable water tanks come with a range of benefits but why would you need one? In this article, we are going to look at why you would need a water tank and how it can help you.

What is a Potable Water Tank?

A potable water tank is designed to hold a large volume of water that can then be accessed by humans. As a result, it can be used to provide drinking water, water for washing and even cleaning. The tanks hold a huge amount of water which makes them a great option for many different settings.

When Would You Require a Potable Water Tank?

Not all properties that are built are connected to the mains water system. In the UK, the majority of properties are connected through a water company but some have to look at alternative sources.

Residential properties that are located in urban areas are more than likely going to be connected to the mains supply, and this will also include commercial properties. This will also stand true for those properties located in towns and villages but what about those located more remotely?

There is every chance that they are not going to be connected and in some instances, they will have a private supply line which means that the water will come from a natural source. It is in these instances that a potable water tank can really help as it will provide access to a source of water that is clean and available on tap.

What Are the Benefits of a Potable Water Tank?

On the surface, it might not seem as though there are too many benefits that come with a potable water tank but you might be surprised.

Instant Access to Water

When you invest in a potable water tank, it means that you will have a constant supply of clean water. They come in a range of sizes and this enables you to find one that fits your needs as you can find them anywhere from 1,500 litres to 10,000 litres which means that there will always be access to water.

Better for the Environment

We all have a duty to do more for the environment and a potable water tank will enable you to do just that. It eases the strain placed on the mains water supply and it also means that there are fewer people using it, which also means that less water is being used and wasted. Along with this, it will also mean that your water bills are lower too.

Add Value to Your Property

A property that has a water tank is considered to be an attractive feature which will appeal to anyone who might purchase your property in the future. As a result of lower bills, being environmentally friendly and having instant access, it will be considered a benefit when purchasing.

Restriction Free

A water shortage is a problem that we all have to consider in the coming years, especially with global warming posing a real threat to our planet. When you have a potable water tank, you will have access to water that is free from restrictions. Even when there is an issue with the mains water system, you won’t have to stop people from using your water because it is considered an isolated source of water.

However, to make sure that your potable water tank is safe, you should ensure that you have it regularly maintained. This will help to maintain the condition of the water, essentially keeping users safe.

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